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Kelly & Sean | Engagement

Yaaaaaay! My friends are engaged!

While Kelly and Sean were visiting home from Boston over the holidays, Kelly and I conspired to take a few engagement photos to tide them over while they search for their dream wedding photographer. Being that Sean and Kelly grew up just over opposite sides of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge, we thought the Palmyra Nature Cove would be a fitting location to take a few shots – Not taking into account that the riverbank is always ten thousand degrees colder than anywhere else. I should have anticipated that, considering I live on the river now. Haha.

It was practically 0° out on the bank, but we braved it for a few minutes – Until we finally chickened out and ran back to the warm car. Just happy to have seen these two while they were home to congratulate them in person. From the beginning, everyone knew they were a match made in heaven and I’m so excited to see what their future together holds!

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