Nicole & Ryan | Proposal

When Ryan asked me to photograph him proposing to Nicole, I was over the moon. I’ve known these two for ages and have been cheering for them since day one. I couldn’t wait to see him finally put a ring on it.

I adore capturing proposals, but the thing I love most is that tricks are always involved.

Ryan asked me to pretend I wanted to borrow them to update my portfolio of couples work for my new website. I sent the two of them a group message asking if they’d be willing to let me steal them for an afternoon and Nicole’s reaction was something like, “That’s perfect! We were going to make a Christmas card and we need a good photo!” Genius, Ryan. Genius.

We wandered around the Pine Barrens, eventually making our way to Batsto Village. Nicole was oblivious to Ryan and I secretly making eyes at each other, trying to decide when and where to set up the big moment. We found our spot, started to get ready… and suddenly we were asked to move by a group of people who were filming a movie. There they were – in period costumes and all. So we retreated to a place where we were out of the shot and prepared again.

I snapped a few photos of the two of them leaning against the side of the house before I said, “Okay, now this shot... It’s going to feel weird, but just trust me.” As I positioned Nicole facing away from Ryan, he quietly dropped down to one knee and I told her to turn back around. She was stunned, said yes and immediately broke out into laughter and happy tears. Success!

Thanks again, Ryan, for asking me to help with the plot and allowing me to document such an awesome moment for you two. And thank you Nicole for being willing to theoretically help me out, even though I am a liar. Haha. I couldn’t be happier for you two!

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