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Maria & Greg | Proposal

When asked to photograph Greg proposing to Maria at their home in Cinnaminson, I was so excited. When I arrived and saw how Greg set up the living room, I was blown away. It was perhaps one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen and I was not at all surprised that Maria replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Greg tricked Maria into babysitting their friend’s children to keep her out of the house and then asked her to come home, claiming he injured himself at work and needed her help. When Maria rushed home to help Greg, she walked in to the surprise of a lifetime.

Before they headed out to celebrate their engagement, Maria got dressed up and we got to take some fun shots of the lovebirds around their home.

Greg, thanks again for allowing me to capture such a special moment between the two of you. Wishing you and Maria many more blissful years together!

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