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Selma & Rob | Engagement

When Rob asked me to take some surprise engagement portraits of him and Selma, my immediate reaction was, "oh no!" Having known my very best friend for more than 17 years, I was sure she would not want to be caught off guard. However, Rob's intentions were so sweet and I knew it would still be a lot of fun, even if she didn't have a proper manicure or the right outfit.

So he tricked her into thinking she was going to brunch and, as you can see below, she was completely surprised to see me lurking with my camera as she came around the corner. We spent the morning wandering around Old City, stopping for portraits here and there, before grabbing brunch and heading home.

While it was such a joy to photograph two people I love so dearly, I was beyond excited for her to have the proper engagement portrait experience. They finally did some engagement portraits with their wedding photographer, Gary Feng, that are absolutely stunning.

Selma and Rob, you two already know how happy I am for you. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a million years of love and happiness together. I cannot wait to stand by you as you tie the knot next year!

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